How you can help

How you can help

There are many ways that you can help to make the Vegan Festival of Britain a success, whether you’re working as part of a group or as an individual. Here are a few ideas, but you may well have some better ones! If so, please do let us know. Remember, if you need us, we’re here to support you with advice, publicity and resources.

  • Give out leaflets or hold an information stall in your local town centre, perhaps with free food samples
Giving out leaflets in Maidstone
Giving out leaflets in Maidstone
  • Organise a vegan fair or food tasting event
  • Run a vegan/Animal Aid stall at local events (markets, fetes, fairs, etc.)
  • Organise a summer outdoor event with vegan food, e.g. street party, barbecue or walk and picnic for people in your area. We can contact Animal Aid members in your town if you want to make it a bit bigger, or it could just be for people you know.
  • How about a potluck supper or pop-up meal with friends or colleagues?
Vegan potluck supper
Vegan potluck supper
  • Ask your work, school or college canteen if they’ll organise a special vegan meal during the Festival. Or, if they feel this is too much, just see if they’ll put on a vegan dish or pudding for a special day or longer.
  • Arrange a vegan coffee morning, cream tea or bring & share event etc. at work or with friends. Remember, events big and small all help to make the Festival!


  • Organise a vegan celebration meal at a local restaurant
Vegan meetup in Kent
Vegan meetup in Kent
  • Organise a vegan bake sale at your local church hall or other appropriate venue
  • Arrange a vegan drinks night at a pub willing to put on suitable beers and wines
  • Run a sponsored event in aid of a vegan project of your choice. (We’d love it if you choose to raise money for Animal Aid, but if you have another vegan cause that’s particularly close to your heart, that’s fine as well.)
  • Organise a fashion show featuring ethical vegan-friendly clothing
  • Having a vegan wedding, engagement party, stag ‘do’, special birthday party etc during the Festival? If you’re happy for us to publicise it, sign it up on our event page

wedding sign

  • Give out leaflets about animal abuse. The Vegan Festival is a celebration, but we mustn’t forget the main reason why veganism is so important.
  • Organise a film screening at a local venue
  • Spread the word through social media
  • Contact your local newspaper/radio station. Is there a local reporter who might be happy to give veganism a try during the Festival?
  • Arrange an information display at your local library, church or community centre.
  • Ask your local bookshop about a promotion display of vegan cookery books and other relevant literature


Key to the Festival is getting local restaurants and shops involved.


  • Ask restaurants, wholefood shops, cafés and vegan guest houses to take part, e.g. by displaying literature or offering special promotions or menus, etc. This can be aimed at vegan/vegetarian enterprises, or at places that don’t normally offer vegan options but might be persuaded to do so – even if only as a one-off. Remember, we have special posters with room to add details of local events. (See the resources section of our Festival website.)
  • Ask anybody who agrees to get involved to sign up as a supporter/participant of the event. (If you have a smartphone/tablet etc., you might want to use it for this purpose. Here is the online version of the form.)
  • You can order printed copies of our Supporter Response Forms or simply download them from the resources section of our website.

N.B. In our experience, people tend not to fill in the response forms themselves, so it would be really helpful if you could sign them up for us (as long as they are happy with this, of course)! If they are thinking of organising an event and need more time, perhaps you could arrange a specific time to return to pick up the form or fill it in with them.