Disabled access to Exeter Castle & other issues

Disabled access to Exeter Castle & other issues

When we had our first site meeting after booking Exeter Castle we were disappointed to learn that there are no disability facilities other than a toilet, and steep steps up to the three rooms we are hiring. Unbeknown to Animal Aid and Exeter Friends for Animals, it is not compulsory to upgrade disability facilities of a listed building until there is any renovation.

We have sought ways around this and we are hiring ramps to fit onto the steps. The contractors assure us that this has worked well before.  We also plan to have volunteers on permanent duty to help those who need it.

We feel that we have done all that we can to overcome the problem, but please bear with us, because disabled access is still far from ideal.

The other thing we should warn those with disabilities about is that the road leading up to the Castle from Exeter High Street is quite steep – but also (mercifully) quite short.

All attendees, please note:

  • There is no parking at the Castle itself
  • Only assistance dogs are allowed in the buildings.
  • As supplies are limited at the Castle, we’re having to rely upon disposable cups and plates. Please help to minimise waste by bringing your own bags for purchases and, if you have them, travel mugs and the like. Thanks.


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